Hajimu Yamana

Hajimu Yamana is President of the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation of Japan (NDF).  He was born in Kyoto in 1953.  In 1981, he received a Ph.D. from Tohoku University for his radiochemical research on actinide elements.  In 1981, Dr. Yamana entered the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (now the Japan Atomic Energy Agency), and joined the reprocessing technology development department at the Tokai Reprocessing Plant.  From 1981 through 1990, Dr. Yamana carried out studies on chemistry and engineering related to PUREX development.  From 1991 through 1995, he led a new study for the optimization of future nuclear fuel cycles.

In 1996, Dr. Yamana joined Kyoto University for the study of actinides, especially molten salt systems.  He became a full professor in 2002 and ultimately became the Head of Kyoto University‚Äôs Research Reactor Institute, specializing in nuclear fuel cycle engineering and related actinide chemistry.

In 2013, he was named the President of the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning and later became the President of the NDF.

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