W27 Recent Developments in Realistically Modeling FLEX Equipment in Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Incorporating FLEX Insights into Decisionmaking

This technical session will provide perspectives from the NRC and external stakeholders on the ongoing work to make risk-informed decisions that realistically account for diverse and flexible coping strategies (FLEX) equipment and strategies. This session will provide a status update on the industry’s efforts to collect fleetwide reliability data for FLEX equipment. It will also provide real examples of the treatment of FLEX equipment in the significance determination process. Finally, it will describe the initial results from the NRC’s expert elicitation process used to estimate human reliability analysis values for portable equipment under adverse conditions.

  • CJ Fong, Branch Chief, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC


  • Candace Spore, Reliability and Risk Analyst, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-8537, e-mail: Candace.Spore@nrc.gov

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