T9  Modernizing the NRC's Radiation Protection Reactor Oversight Process

The purpose of this session is to discuss recent and proposed revisions to the radiation protection cornerstones of the NRC's Reactor Oversight Process (ROP). As a result of multiple agency initiatives, several changes to the Occupational Radiation Safety and Public Radiation Safety cornerstones and their supporting programs are under development or have been recently implemented. These changes look to further risk-inform the regulatory framework as it applies to radiation protection and to make improvements based on operating and regulatory experience while maintaining a focus on the Principles of Good Regulation. Specific topics of discussion include radiation protection aspects of the ROP enhancement, the revision of NRC inspection manual documents, and revisions to regulatory guides and health physics positions related to current radiation protection issues. The NRC recognizes the importance of modernizing the radiation protection ROP to maintain safety and increase efficiency and effectiveness under the changing environment and is taking steps to make improvements.

  • Kevin Hsueh, Branch Chief, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-7256, e-mail: Kevin.Hsueh@nrc.gov


  • Steven Garry, Senior Health Physicis, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC tel: ,301-415-2766, e-mail: Steven.Garry@nrc.gov

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