Steve Blattnig

Dr. Steve Blattnig has been working on a wide variety of different aspects of space radiation research for the last 20 years. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a Ph.D. in Physics, and his graduate work comprised the development of a pion and muon radiation transport code, including the associated particle production cross section modeling. In January 2003 he began work as a physicist at the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). His major areas of research have included the development of space radiation transport methodologies, nuclear and particle physics modeling and their application to mission analysis and vehicle design, and the development of radiation shielding materials. He has also been integral to the development of validation methodologies and on the use of model results in decision making. He is one of the primary developers of the NASA Standard for Models and Simulations, NASA-STD-7009. More recently, his focus has been on the development of probabilistic risk methodology and radiation biology modeling for effects including acute radiation syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative central nervous system diseases. He was the project manager for the space radiation transport and measurement project and was the PI of the space radiation risk assessment project.

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