Scott Head

Mr. Head has been an industry leader on NRC licensing projects for the past several decades.   He spent most of his career on the South Texas Project (STP), playing a leading role in the licensing, under Part 50, of STP Units 1 and 2 and then leading the effort, under Part 52, to successfully receive the COL for STP 3 and 4. While at STP he also managed the licensing project for the Special Treatments Exemptions, which was used by the NRC and industry as the pilot for the 50.69 rule change, as well as directed the project team ultimately responsible for the approval of the license amendment for the NRC pilot for Risk-Informed Completion Times, which is now embodied in Tech Spec Traveler 505. Mr. Head is currently the Business Development Director for Certrec and serves with MPR as the Regulatory Affairs Manager for the UAMPS Carbon Free Power Project to deploy the first NuScale SMR facility at INL.

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