Milton Valentin

Mr. Milton Valentin is a reliability and risk analyst for the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.  Mr. Valentin is the agency's point of contact for seismic reviews in response to the 50.54(f) Request for Information associated with the Fukushima Near-Term Task Force (NTTF) Recommendations.  During his tenure as project manager and technical reviewer for Fukushima NTTF Recommendations, Mr. Valentin completed reviews of external flooding evaluation submittals, flooding integrated assessment submittals, seismic probabilistic risk assessment reports, seismic high-frequency submittals, the implementation of FLEX programs, the evaluation of FLEX programs against reevaluated hazards, and served as liaison for the disposition of other Fukushima NTTF recommendations.  Before that, Mr. Valentin served as structural engineer for the Office of Regulatory Research and the Office of New Reactors.   Prior to the NRC, Mr. Valentin was a consultant for a small engineering firm in Puerto Rico servicing multiple construction projects.  He has a Masters in Engineering from UMD College Park, a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from UPRM, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland.

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