Marie Pohida

Ms. Pohida  has over 35 years' experience in the nuclear field specializing in reliability and PRA for shutdown modes of operation and external events risk for operating and advanced light water reactors. Ms. Pohida developed the risk evaluation for the proposed shutdown rule and developed the Significance Determination Process for shutdown operation of light water reactors.  With knowledge of the regulations, policy and guidance regarding risk assessment for new and advanced reactors, Ms. Pohida led the reviews and wrote the NRC final safety evaluation report sections pertaining to shutdown risk for internal and external events for the following design certification applications:  ABWR, AP600, AP1000, ESBWR, APR1400, and the NuScale SMR.  Notably, Ms. Pohida led the review of the NuScale topical report regarding a novel approach to risk inform Emergency Planning Zone sizing.  Prior to joining the NRC in 1990, Ms. Pohida worked at a nuclear power plant in the area of PRA and design basis accident containment response analyses. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Maryland and completed graduate courses in the Reliability Engineering program at the University of Maryland.

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