John "JR" Russell

Mr. Russell began his career at Sandia National Laboratories in 1980 as a test engineer for explosive and rocket testing. During his first 10 years, Mr. Russell conducted full-scale rocket tests, explosive testing, underwater testing of weapon technologies and security operations. During the next 32 years, Mr. Russell focused his efforts on national security issues, including the evaluation of nuclear weapons security, vulnerability analysis of critical security systems, vulnerability assessment of treaty verification technologies, and the design and evaluation of physical intrusion detection systems for the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Mr. Russell's extensive research, development, test, and evaluation efforts have enabled him to become a recognized subject matter expert in physical security intrusion detection technologies and vulnerability assessment within the DOE community. As part of his distinguished security career at Sandia, Mr. Russell has also served as a research and development portfolio manager, overseeing Sandia's Laboratory-Directed Research and Development investments in security technologies that specifically address DOE and DoD nuclear security challenges. For his most recent research and development assignment, Mr. Russell is developing new intrusion detection algorithms capable of spatial and temporal fusion of sensors and imaging technologies that optimize intruder detection and minimize sensor false positives (nuisance alarms) even during harsh weather conditions. The new fusion technology, called Deliberate Motion Analytics has the potential to serve as an enabling technology for security of the future.

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