Jessika Rojas

Jessika Rojas is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. She holds a B.S in Engineering Physics and a M.Sc. in Materials Engineering and Processes from the National University of Colombia (2005 and 2009), and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology (2014). Dr. Rojas' primary research interests include nuclear materials, radiation-assisted chemistry, and radiation processing. She has been actively working in accident tolerant fuel cladding materials investigating their physical and chemical properties. Dr. Rojas' lab also focuses on radiation synthesis of nanomaterials, modification of nanomaterials properties through irradiation, and development of multifunctional nanomaterials as radioisotope carriers. Jessika is an active member of The Minerals Metals and Materials Society (TMS) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS). She has been Chair and Vice-Chair of the Virginia Section of the ANS, and she is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the ANS.

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