Anthony Qualantone

A distinguished 21-year military career with the U.S. Army Special Forces, (Green Berets), Mr. Qualantone was assigned to the Joint Chief of Staff directed, classified project, providing the skill set and trade-craft necessary for Red-Cell analyses in myriad vulnerability assessments for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency's nuclear assets.   Mr. Qualantone contributed significantly to the increase effectiveness and ability to protect against the threat against nuclear proliferation and radiological sabotage.

Mr. Qualantone was a member of the Department of Energy's Office of Independent Oversight Assessment Program and the EA-22 team conducting safeguards, security, and emergency management inspection/assessments at all DOE nuclear weapon complexes.

Mr. Qualantone served as a physical security expert for the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), and several nuclear fleets and led the vanguard in the successful integration of Remotely Operated Weapons Systems (ROWS) within the sector, increasing security plan effectiveness while reducing O&A cost.

Mr. Qualantone is currently the Security and Safeguards Engineering Manager for X-energy and is developing the physical protection system for the Xe-100 pebble-bed reactor facility.

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