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Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Nuclear Applications

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Location / Dates: Virtual / December 7-10, 2020

Image of a Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Nuclear Applications Flowchart


  • There is increasing industry interest and plans to implement advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) for nuclear applications, including replacement components in operating nuclear power plants and in initial construction of small modular and advanced reactors.
  • NRC must be prepared to efficiently and effectively regulate and respond to industry submittals that apply AMTs for both operating and future plants.


  • Discuss ongoing activities related to AMTs,
  • including nuclear industry implementation plans, codes and standards activities, research findings, and regulatory approaches in other industries.
  • Inform public of NRC's activities and approach to approving use of AMTs.
  • Determine, with input from nuclear industry stakeholders and other technical organizations, areas where NRC should focus to ensure safe implementation of AMTs.

Tentative Workshop Sessions:

  • Session 1 – Plans and priorities for nuclear AMT development and implementation
    • Nuclear industry, vendor, and international perspectives
  • Session 2 – Operating experience and technical/practical challenges of AMTs
    • Post-service evaluations and experience from implementing AMTs
    • Nuclear industry/vendor, non-nuclear, and international perspectives
  • Session 3 – Important characteristics for safety of AMTs
    • Initial focus on the following AMTs: laser powder bed fusion (LPBF), directed energy deposition (DED), powder metallurgy – hot isostatic pressing (PM-HIP), electron beam welding (EBW), cold spray
    • Industry, regulatory, codes & standards, research, and international perspectives
  • Session 4 – Approaches to Component Qualification and Aging Management
    • Performance testing / inspection and in-service inspection/aging management
    • Industry, research, and non-nuclear perspectives
  • Session 5 – Codes and Standards Activities and Developments
    • Nuclear and non-nuclear perspectives
  • Session 6 – Regulatory Challenges and Approaches to AMTs
    • Industry and regulatory perspectives, including international and non-nuclear
  • Session 7 – Research and Development (R&D) of AMTs
    • Recent high-impact R&D achievements and near-term R&D plans
    • Including NDE methods (during and post-fabrication) and computer modeling
    • National lab, university and other researcher perspectives
Contacts: Matthew Hiser, Matthew.Hiser@nrc.gov
Meg Audrain, Margaret.Audrain@nrc.gov

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