Schedule for Rulemakings to Amend Part 72.214 for Dry Storage Casks

The following generic schedule applies to the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) rulemaking under Part 72 and does not apply to any other type of rulemaking. It contains the timeframes used to complete rulemaking to amend Part 72.214 for initial approval or amendments of dry storage casks using the Direct Final Rule process, which includes preparation of a direct final rule and a proposed rule published concurrently in the Federal Register. These timeframes reflect the ideal situation and are considered goals that may not be met in all situations. Below, the generic schedule is a list of start and planned end dates for current CoC rulemakings.

Generic Schedule

Step Process Duration
1. Completion of preliminary CoC/SER. Time 0
2. Issue the draft direct final and proposed rulemaking package for office concurrence.
3. Resolution of office comments. Direct final rule and proposed rule package sent to EDO for approval. Note: Assumes no significant issues arise during office review that could result in changes to the CoC/SER. If such issues arise, action may need to begin again at Step 1.
4. NRC approval to forward the direct final rule and proposed rule to the Office of the Federal Register for publication. Note: Duration includes time for Commission notification.
5. Publication of direct final rule and proposed rule concurrently in the Federal Register. 16 weeks
6. Public comment period on proposed rule. 30 days
7. If no significant adverse comments are received, rule becomes effective 75 days after publication (i.e., 45 days after the end of public comment period. 45 days
Total elapsed time to effective date 26 weeks

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