Privacy Impact Assessments

The E-Government Act of 2002 requires Federal agencies to prepare a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) before developing or procuring information technology (IT) that collects, maintains, or disseminates information in identifiable form about members of the general public (not employees of the Federal Government). Similarly, Federal agencies must prepare a PIA before initiating a new electronic collection of information from 10 or more persons, consistent with the Paperwork Reduction Act, when such collections will contain information in identifiable form. In addition, any PIA that involves the collection, maintenance, or dissemination of information in identifiable form about members of the general public will be made publicly available.

The NRC makes these PIAs available to the public via this Web page and in the Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS).

Full Name Approval Date
Automated Access Control and Computer Enhanced Security System-Physical Access Control System 02/21/2024
Agencywide Documents Access and Management System 07/05/2023
Allegations, Resolution, Investigation and Enforcement System 12/14/2023
Case Management System-Web (CMS-W) - EATS, AMS, CMS 09/28/2023
Drug Testing Tracking System 01/03/2024
Employee Assistance Program Expert 11/29/2019
e-App 12/29/2023
Employee Compensation and Management Portal 01/18/2024
Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) - Box 01/09/2024
Employee Medical File (EMF) - COVID19 09/24/2021
Electronic Official Personnel Folder 12/07/2023
Entellitrak Equal Employment Opportunity 12/27/2023
e-Gov Travel Services 2 12/09/2022
Enterprise Vetting Center/Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal 02/27/2024
Financial Accounting and Integrated Management Information System 10/30/2023
Financial Management Data Mart 09/19/2023
FOIAXpress 05/24/2023
Federal Personnel Payroll System/Workforce Transformation Tracking System/Entrance On Duty System/Entrance on Duty System 12/27/2023
Financial Management System (FMS) HCM-Cloud SFTP Server 08/29/2023
Grants Management Database 02/27/2024
Government Retirement and Benefits Assist 01/31/2024
Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud Time and Labor (T&L) 09/28/2023
Departures and Exit Surveys 08/31/2020
Identity, Credential, & Access Management (ICAM) 02/27/2024
iGoFigure 11/01/2019
Insider Threat 01/02/2024
OGE Integrity 12/27/2023
Labor, Employment, and Contract Law (LECL) Case Management SharePoint Site 02/28/2024
Labor and Employee Relations 10/16/2020
Mass Notification System (MNS) 11/28/2023
Mind Your Business, Inc. (MYB) ShareFile Portal 04/01/2022
NSIR FISMA Systems 04/25/2023
NRC International Cooperation and Engagements (NICE) 04/26/2023
NRC Careers System 01/16/2024
Office of General Counsel - Ethics Gateway 11/28/2023
Office of the Inspector General-Investigations, Correspondence, and Auditing Management System 11/21/2023
Office of International Program (OIP) Passports & Visa Registration Database 05/24/2023
Personnel Security Adjudication Tracking System 01/02/2024
Radiation Protection Computer Code Analysis and Maintenance Program Website 04/25/2023
Regional Applications-Region-I 12/06/2023
Reasonable Accommodation Tracking Tool 10/30/2020
Radiation Exposure Information Reporting System 02/14/2024
Reactor Program System 12/14/2023
Collection of Security Executive Agent Directive 3 (SEAD 3) Information 12/27/2023
ServiceNow-ITI 09/06/2023
Space and Property Management System-Parking Management 01/25/2024
Telework Application Data App 09/06/2023
Talent Management System 10/20/2023
Web Advisory Committees Tracking System 12/18/2020

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