Closed Appeal & FOIA/PA Cases by Subject – FY 2023

Closed – FY2023
(Periodic Update – October FY2023)
Subject Rqstr Name Organization FOIA Case # Date Rec'd. Date Closed PDR
[1] NRR Office Instruction LIC-103, Rev.2, on "Exemptions from NRC Regulations" (the ADAMS access number may be ML19155A121), and [2] NRO-PER-105, "Qualification and Training Program" and any related appendices. Burns   2022-000218 08/12/22 10/19/22 Yes
All agreements, MOU, MOA between NRC and FLETC. Records showing all MOU, MOA, agreements  that NRC has with law enforcement agencies, and other federal offices/departments.  NRC policy on MOA, MOA, Agreements. Tarver   2023-000001 10/03/22 10/05/22 No
Copy of postage equipment lease or purchase agreement for the mailing equipment used at NRC, believes it may be Pitney Bowes equipment. Oliver Quadient 2022-000131 04/14/22 10/26/22 No
Having previously worked in the nuclear industry, I would like to see what is in my record Newar   2023-000008 10/14/22 10/17/22 No
I am requesting photographs of the SL-1 reactor accident that occurred on January 3, 1961, including autopsy photographs as well as photographs during the recovery of the casualties. Stepka   2023-000011 10/18/22 10/20/22 No
I am requesting the Escape Plan for the public in Erwin, TN at Nuclear Fuel Services Overall   2022-000083 02/16/22 10/28/22 No
I am writing to request access to records under the FOIA, relating to a list of dates, names, and locations specified (starting in 1952 (about Kerr McGee's purchase of the Mesa Mine on the Navajo Reservation), then Kerr McGee opening a facility on the Cimarron River in 1968; United Nuclear Corporation operating the country's largest underground uranium mide in Church Rock, NM in 1968; Kerr McGeen opens the Sequoyah plant in 1970; and many other specified event through 1986). Parks   2023-000007 10/11/22 10/20/22 No
I request a printed copy of the following published FOIAs and the Agency response to this FOIA: 2019-000307   9-18-18; and a copy of the last 3 issues put out (newsletter) by any NRC employees. Keys   2023-000006 10/11/22 10/07/22 Yes
I submit this request in my official capacity as Chief Counsel to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the U.S.  Department of Commerce, and as part of my official duties. II request the complete U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Office of Investigations Report No. 1-2022-005 and all supporting documentation. The requested report relates to the use of operating procedures during latch verifications at NIST on January 4, 2021. The requested supporting documentation includes all documents used by NRC to develop, consider, confirm, or underpin the report’s conclusions.In a letter dated April 27, 2022 (attached), NRC informed NIST that in order to receive a copy of the report and supporting documentation, NIST should file a Freedom of Information Act request. I am filing this request in my official capacity as Chief Counsel to NIST. Please provide all responsive records in electronic form to the extent possible. If physical records must be duplicated and the fees would exceed $250, please inform me.  Wixon NIST/Commerce 2022-000195 06/24/22 10/13/22 No
In the late 1940’s the US sponsored the development of chemical processes to extract uranium on a large scale for the development of atomic bombs, often referred to as "strategic purposes". To this end a small pilot plant processing facility was built on the bank of the Colorado River in southern Utah near the Arizona border. Once the chemical processes were understood a large plant was built in Moab, UT, and the small plant closed. Please provide records that identify the location of that original pilot plant. The location may be identified in the records as 1) longitude/latitude, 2) at or near the end of a road where it intersects the Colorado River, 3) a compass direction or heading from some known monument, peak or other landmark, or 4) a distance upstream or downstream from a known point on the Colorado River. It is possible that the location was actually on a tributary to the Colorado, such as the “little Colorado River”.  Langley   2023-000009 10/14/22 10/19/22 Yes
NICS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 6.6, revised 09/24/2019 Loiseau Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence 2022-000237 09/29/22 10/14/22 No
The most up-to-date organizational chart/structure for the NRC, including all suboffices and divisions.  A current list of all NRC employees at the time of processing this request.  Specifically, please provide the first and last name, title, office name, pay scale, phone number, and email address for each employee.  I request these documents be provided in a machine-readable format, sch as CSV, and not PDF. Ben-Eliezer Leadership Connect 2022-000214 08/08/22 10/07/22 Yes

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