Research and Test Reactors (Division 2): Regulatory Guides 2.1 - 2.8

This page lists the number, title, publication date, and revisions for each regulatory guide in Division 2, "Research and Test Reactors," with references to draft guides and related documents (where applicable).

See also Draft Regulatory Guides for Division 2.

See NRC Regulatory Guides for more general information.

Regulatory Guides are reviewed about every 10 years, although a guide may be reviewed more frequently if the staff believes an emerging issue affects the guide. The NRC began these reviews in 2010, and began posting the results of its reviews on this site in 2013. The review dates are hyperlinked to the review memorandum, which provide useful information about the status and any known issues with the associated regulatory guide.

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Title Revision
Additional Information
2.1 Shield Test Program for Evaluation of Installed Biological Shielding in Research and Training Reactors
(Withdrawn -- See 74 FR 26893, 06/04/2009)
W 06/2009  
0 05/1973  
2.2 Development of Technical Specifications for Experiments in Research Reactors 0 11/1973 Reviewed in 2016 – No issues identified
2.3 Quality Verification for Plate-Type Uranium-Aluminum Fuel Elements for Use in Research Reactors 2 05/2013  
1 07/1976  
0 09/1975  
2.4 Review of Experiments for Research Reactors
(Withdrawn -- See 77 FR 36017, 06/15/2012)
W 09/2013  
0-R 05/1977  
0 07/1976  
2.5 Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Research and Test Reactors 1 06/2010 Reviewed in 2015 – No issues identified
0-R 10/1977  
0 05/1977  
2.6 Emergency Planning for Research and Test Reactors 2 09/2017  
1 03/1983  
0 01/1979  
2.7 Preparation of Updated Final Safety Analysis Reports for Non-Power Production or Utilization Facilities DG   Waiting on proposed rule
2.8 Guidance for Implementation of 10 CFR 50.59, “Changes, Tests, And Experiments,” At Non-Power Production or Utilization Facilities 0 02/2022  

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