ATHEANA User's Guide (NUREG-1880)

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Publication Information

Manuscript Completed: May 2007
Date Published:
June 2007

Prepared by:
John Forester, Sandia National Laboratories
Alan Kolaczkowski, Science Applications International Corporation
Susan Cooper, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Dennis Bley, Buttonwood Consulting, Inc.
Erasmia Lois, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM 87185

Science Applications International Corporation
405 Urban Street, Suite 400
Lakewood, Co 80220

Erasmia Lois, NRC Project Manager

Prepared for:
Division of Risk Assessment and Special Projects
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

Availability Notice


This manuscript provides a user's guide for the human reliability analysis (HRA) method known as "A Technique for Human Event Analysis" (ATHEANA), which the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) documented in NUREG-1624, Rev. 1, dated May 2000. As the first publication of its kind, this user's guide describes both the quantitative and qualitative ATHEANA analysis approaches, fully describing the revised quantification approach and presenting a simpler description of the other ATHEANA elements needed to perform an HRA as part of a probabilistic risk assessment (PRA). Toward that end, this user's guide strives to present the steps for applying ATHEANA in a straightforward and succinct manner, so that HRA experts can easily and effectively apply the technique. Consequently, although the authors relied on NUREG-1624 as a primary resource for its development, the NRC is publishing this user's guide as a standalone document, such that it can be used by analysts to apply the ATHEANA technique without the need to use NUREG-1624.

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