Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) Report: Summary (NUREG-1801, Revision 1, Volume 1)

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Manuscript Completed: September 2005
Date Published
: September 2005

Division of Regulatory Improvement Programs
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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NUREG-1801, "Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) Report," is referenced as a technical basis document in NUREG-1800, "Standard Review Plan for Review of License Renewal Applications for Nuclear Power Plants" (SRP-LR). The GALL Report identifies aging management programs (AMP), which were determined to be acceptable programs to manage the aging effects of systems, structures and components (SSC) in the scope of license renewal, as required by 10 CFR Part 54, "Requirements for Renewal of Operating Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants."

The GALL Report is split into two volumes. Volume 1 summarizes the aging management reviews that are discussed in Volume 2. Volume 2 lists generic aging management reviews (AMR) of SSC that may be in the scope of License Renewal Applications (LRAs) and identifies GALL AMPs that are acceptable to manage the aging effects. Revision 1 of the GALL Report incorporates changes based on experience gained from numerous LRA NRC staff reviews of LRAs and other insights identified by industry.

If a license renewal application(LRA) references the GALL Report as the approach used to manage aging effect(s), the NRC staff will use the GALL Report as a basis for the LRA assessment consistent with guidance specified in the SRP-LR.

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