Standard Review Plan for the Review of DOE Plans for Achieving Regulatory Compliance at Sites With Contaminated Ground Water Under Title I of the Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act – Draft Report for Comment (NUREG-1724)

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Manuscript Completed: May 2000
Date Published:
June 2000

Division of Waste Management
Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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The Department of Energy postponed implementation of ground-water corrective action plans at most Title I sites until completion of surface remediation, because Environmental Protection Agency ground-water standards were not finalized until 1995. Consistent with this approach, 10 CFR 40.27, allows for licensing of disposal sites that require ground-water restoration in two steps. The first step, surface restoration, is conducted by the DOE under the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Surface Project. After completion of surface restoration, the site is placed under a general license through Nuclear Regulatory Commission acceptance of a Long-Term Surveillance Plan that may leave ground-water restoration issues open. Ground-water corrective action, the second step, is conducted under the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Ground-Water Project.

This Standard Review Plan is prepared for the guidance of staff reviewers in the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards in performing safety and environmental reviews of corrective action plans and revised long-term surveillance plans of ground-water quality compliance activities for uranium recovery sites covered by Title I of the Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act. The purpose of this Standard Review Plan is to ensure the quality and uniformity of Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff reviews of site-specific documents describing Department of Energy plans for achieving regulatory compliance at sites with contaminated ground water.

This standard review plan is written to cover a variety of site conditions and plans. Each section provides a description of the areas of review, review procedures, acceptance criteria, an evaluation of findings, and a list of references.

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