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Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses: Program-Specific Guidance About Exempt Distribution Licenses (NUREG-1556, Volume 8)

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Manuscript Completed: September 1998
Date Published: September 1998

Prepared by:
Susan L. Greene, Larry Camper, Thomas Rich

Division of Industrial and Medical Nuclear Safety
Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

Availability Notice


As part of its redesign of the materials licensing process, NRC is consolidating and updating numerous guidance documents into a single comprehensive repository as described in NUREG-1539, "Methodology and Findings of the NRC's Materials Licensing Process Redesign," dated April 1996, and draft NUREG-1541, "Process and Design for Consolidating and Updating Materials Licensing Guidance," dated April 1996. NUREG-1556, Vol. 8, "Consolidated Guidance about Materials Licenses: Program-Specific Guidance about Exempt Distribution Licenses," dated September, 1998, is the eighth program-specific guidance developed for the new process and is intended for use by applicants, licensees, and NRC staff. It will also be available to Agreement States. This document updates and supersedes the guidance found in Draft NUREG -1562, "Standard Review Plan for Applications for Licenses to Distribute Byproduct Material to Persons Exempt from the Requirements for an NRC License."

Exemptions from the requirements for an NRC license to persons who receive, possess, use, transfer, own, or acquire byproduct material in exempt distribution products, are provided in 10 CFR Part 30, "Rules of General Applicability to Domestic Licensing of Byproduct Material." Exempt distribution products include silicon chips, electron tubes, resins, check sources, carbon-14 urea capsules, gunsights, and smoke detectors are distributed by persons who have a specific license from the Commission authorizing such distribution to persons exempt from the requirements for an NRC license.

This document provides assistance to applicants and licensees in preparing license applications. It also describes the methods acceptable to NRC license reviewers in implementing the regulations and the techniques used by the reviewers in evaluating the applications to determine if the proposed exempt distribution activity is acceptable for licensing purposes.

The guidance contained herein does not represent new or proposed regulatory requirements, and licensees will not be inspected against any portion of it. Additionally, regulatory compliance with all applicable regulations is not assured by licensees who adopt any portion of, or apply the principles described in, this guidance.

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