Foundation for the Adequacy of the Licensing Bases – A Supplement to the Statement of Considerations for the Rule on Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal (10 CFR Part 54) (NUREG-1412)

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Manuscript Completed: October 1991
Date Published: December 1991

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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The objective of this report is to describe the regulatory processes that assures that any plant-specific licensing bases will provide reasonable assurance that the operation of nuclear power plants will not be inimical to the public health and safety to the end of the renewal period. It is on the adequacy of this process that the Commission has determined that a formal renewal licensing review against the full range of current safety requirements would not add significantly to safety and is not needed to assure that continued operation throughout the renewal term is not inimical to the public health and safety or common defense and security.

This document illustrates in general terms how the regulatory process has evolved in major safety issue areas. It also provides examples illustrating why it is unnecessary to re-review an operating plant•s licensing basis, except for age-related degradation unique to license renewal, at the time of license renewal.

This report is a supplement to the Statement of Considerations for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission•s rule (10 CFR Part 54) that establishes the criteria and standards governing nuclear power plant license renewal.

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