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Knowledge and Abilities Catalog for Nuclear Power Plant Operators: Pressurized Water Reactors, Draft Report for Comment (NUREG-1122, Revision 3)

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Publication Information

Manuscript Completed: January 2017
Date Published: April 2017

Prepared by:
D. Muller

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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The "Knowledge and Abilities Catalog for Nuclear Power Plant Operators: Pressurized Water Reactors" (PWRs) (NUREG-1122, Revision 3; also known as the PWR Catalog) provides the basis for the development of content-valid licensing examinations for reactor operators (ROs) and senior reactor operators (SROs). The examinations developed using the PWR Catalog and the "Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors" (NUREG-1021) will sample the topics listed under Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Part 55, "Operators' Licenses."

The PWR Catalog is organized into six major sections: (1) Organization of the Catalog, (2) Generic Knowledge and Abilities, (3) Plant Systems, (4) Emergency and Abnormal Plant Evolutions, (5) Components, and (6) Theory.

Revision 1 to the PWR Catalog modified the form and content of the original catalog. The knowledge and abilities (K/As) were linked to their applicable item numbers in 10 CFR Part 55. SRO-level K/As were identified by their item numbers from 10 CFR 55.43, "Written Examination; Senior Operators." The revision combined the plant-wide generic and system generic K/As in one section. Systems were organized into nine safety functions, and the emergency and abnormal evolutions were reorganized and expanded.

Revision 2 incorporated corrections to Revision 1 of the catalog that were identified during a pilot testing program associated with revision of 10 CFR Part 55 and the implementation of Interim Revision 8 of NUREG-1021. Corrections to the catalog included:

  1. Addition of K/As that had been omitted in Revision 1 (approximately 70)
  2. Deletion of duplicate K/As (approximately 15)
  3. Correction of the importance ratings of consolidated K/As to reflect the highest previously assigned values (approximately 75)
  4. Correction of typographical errors
  5. Addition of importance rating modifiers that had been omitted in Revision 1 (approximately 225)

Revision 2, Supplement 1, included the following changes:

  1. Total replacement of Section 2, "Generic Knowledge and Abilities"
  2. Inclusion of one additional abnormal plant evolution (APE), APE 077, "Generator Voltage and Electric Grid Disturbances," in Section 4.2, "Generic Abnormal Plant Evolutions"

Revision 3 includes the following changes:

  1. Clarification of numerous K/A statements and elimination of duplicate K/As.
  2. The addition of the integrated control and control room ventilation systems.
  3. The addition of reactor coolant system leak to the abnormal plant evolutions.
  4. All importance ratings (IRs) were re-rated, and except for A2 and generic K/As (which can be the basis for both RO and SRO-only questions), all RO and SRO IRs were replaced with a single IR.
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