Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors (NUREG-1021, Revision 10, Final Report)

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Date Published: December 2014

Office of New Reactors
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) publishes NUREG-1021, "Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors," to establish the policies, procedures, and practices for examining licensees and applicants for reactor operator and senior operator licenses at power reactor facilities pursuant to Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Part 55), "Operators' Licenses."

These examination standards are intended to help NRC examiners and facility licensees better understand the processes associated with initial and requalification examinations. The standards also ensure the equitable and consistent administration of examinations for all applicants. "The Commission shall use the criteria in NUREG-1021, "Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors," in effect six months before the examination date to prepare the written examinations required by 10 CFR 55.41 and 10 CFR 55.43 and the operating tests required by 10 CFR 55.45. The Commission shall also use the criteria in NUREG-1021 to evaluate the written examinations and operating tests prepared by power reactor facility licensees pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section."

The NRC issued NUREG-1021, Supplement 1 to Revision 9 in October 2007 to (1) clarify operator medical requirements, including the use of prescription medications; (2) clarify the use of surrogate operators during dynamic simulator scenarios; (3) clarify the selection process for generic knowledge and ability (K/A) statements; (4) qualify the NRC review of post-examination comments; (5) provide additional guidance for maintaining an active license (watchstander proficiency) and license reactivation; and (6) conform with updates to NUREGs-1122 (and - 1123), "Knowledge and Abilities Catalog(s) for Nuclear Power Plant Operators: Pressurized (and Boiling) Water Reactors."

The NRC is issuing Revision 10 to (1) add guidance for licensing of operators for new reactors; (2) add NUREG-2103, "Knowledge and Abilities Catalog for Nuclear Power Plant Operators: Westinghouse AP1000 Pressurized Water Reactors, " and NUREG 2104, "Knowledge and Abilities Catalog for Nuclear Power Plant Operators: Advanced Boiling Water Reactors" as references, (3) add the Division of Construction Inspection and Operational Programs, Office of New Reactors as an operator licensing program office, (4) change the submission dates for licensed operator materials and correspondence, and (5) address a number of other minor issues.

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