Draft Environmental Impact Statement on 10 CFR Part 61 Licensing Requirements for Land Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Appendices G–Q (NUREG-0782, Volume 4)

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Date Published: September 1981

Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards

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The four volume draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) is prepared to guide and support publication of a proposed new regulation, 10 CFR eart 61, for the land disposal of low-level Radioactive waste. The analysis in the DEIS include a systematic analysis of a broad range of alternatives relating to the form and content of waste, the engineering design of disposal facilities, the method of operation of the facilities, institutional controls, financial assurances, and administrative and procedural requirements. From the analysis, four main performance objectives are established in the proposed regulation relating to (1) minimizing long-term social commitment and costs, (2) minimizing long-term environmental releases, (3) minimizing long-term impacts to humans potentially inadvertently intruding into disposed waste, and (4) assuring short-term operational safety. Based upon the analysis and overall performance objectives, a number of technical, financial, procedural, and administrative requirements are also developed.

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