Generic Adversary Characteristics Summary Report (NUREG-0459)

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Manuscript Completed: July 1978
Date Published: March 1979

Prepared by:
John B. Stewart, Jr., John J. Davidson, Cynthia H. Fulwiler, Harvey B. Jones, Sarah A. Mullen

Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

Availability Notice


This study was undertaken in response to guidance issued to the Office of Nuclear Matlrial Safety and Safeguards by Secretary memorandum of June 30, 1977, "Staff Guidance on Action Plan on Recommendations of Report of Task Force on Allegations by James H. Conran."

Information used in the preparation of this study was obtained from a review of over 650 articles, studies, books, abstracts, NRC reports and memoranda and other material. In addition, discussions regarding the characteristics of various generic adversary groups were held with a number of representatives of various federal agencies, as well as criminologists, psychiatrists, social scientists, and other experts in areas of interest to the study.

The study group wishes to acknowledge the valuable guidance and technical assistance provided throughout the research and writing process by Mr. Joseph Yardumian, Chief, Special Projects Section, Contingency Planning Branch. Additionally, the group wants to thank Messrs. Thomas F. Carter, Jr., Deputy Director, Division of Safeguards and Bernard J. Snyder, Assistant Director for Policy Review, Office of Policy Evaluation, for their support and encouragement. Tne group also thanks Miss Kathy Jordan who served as chief secretary for the study, whose hard work was much appreciated, and members of CRESS and others who provided typing and administrative support. Finally, the group owes a debt of gratitude to those, too numerous to mention, within the Division of Safeguards and other NRC offices who participated in the review process for the final study.

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