PlanningBasis for the Development of State and Local Government Radiological EmergencyResponse Plans in Support of Light Water Nuclear Power Plants (NUREG-0396)

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Maunscript Completed: December 1978
Date Published: November 1978

H.E. Collins*, B.K. Grimes**,
Co-Chairmen of Task Force
F. Galpin***,
Senior EPA Representative

*Office of State Programs
**Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulations
U.S. Nuclear Regulation Commission
Washington, DC 20555
***Office of Radiation Programs
U.S. Enivronmental Protection Agency
Washington, DC 20460

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The purpose of this report is to provide a basis for Federal, State and local government emergency preparedness organizations to determine the appropriate degree of emergency response planning efforts in the environs of nuclear power plants. The report is the product of a Task Force of NRC and EPA representatives formed in 1976 to address this issue. The Task Force hopes that the guidance provided here will be used to supplement the extensive emergency planning guidance already published by NRC and EPA.

This report introduces the concept of generic Emergency Planning Zones as a basis for the planning of response actions which would result in dose savings in the environs of nuclear facilities in the event of a serious power reactor accident. Application of the Task Force guidance should result in the development of more uniform emergency plans from site to site but should not result in a large incremental increase in the resources required to implement the existing planning elements. This is particularly true of recently licensed plants where planning elements have been implemented at substantial distances from reactor sites.

This report represents a consensus view of the Task Force on the planning basis guidance and on a number of important issues related to emergency planning which were considered in the development of the guidance. As of the publication date of this report, these recommendations had not been formally adopted by the NRC or EPA and therefore represent only Task Force views. However, the concept of a generic area in which to plan has received general acceptance by the variety of groups commenting on drafts of this report. If adopted by the NRC, the Task Force expects that the key elements of the guidance would be incorporated in the NRC's primary emergency planning guidance publication for States and their local governments (NUREG-75/111) and therefore used by Federal agencies as a part of the basis for concurrence in State and local government Radiological Emergency Response Plans in support of power reactor facilities.

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