Evaluation of Aging and Qualification Practices forCable Splices Used in Nuclear Plants (NUREG/CR-6788)

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Publication Information

Manuscript Completed: May 2002
Date Published: September 2002

Prepared by:
M. Villaran, R. Lofaro

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973-5000

S. K. Aggarwal, NRC Project Manager

Prepared for:
Division of Engineering Technology
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

NRC Job Code W6822

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An evaluation of aging and environmental qualification practices for safety-related cable splices used in commercial nuclear power plants has been performed to determine the effects of aging degradation. This study is based on the review and analysis of past operating experience, as reported in the Licensee Event Report, Nuclear Plant Reliability Data System, and Equipment Information and Performance Exchange databases. In addition, documents prepared by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that identify significant issues or concerns related to cable splices have been reviewed. Based on the results of the aforementioned reviews, predominant aging characteristics are identified and potential condition monitoring techniques are evaluated. As part of this study, a review of environmental qualification test reports and analyses related to electric cable splices was conducted. In addition, cable splices that were pre-aged and exposed to simulated accident conditions in a previous NRC/RES Program were disassembled and inspected to gain insights into splice performance and potential failure mechanisms under harsh environments.

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