A Radioactive Waste Disposal Classification System – The Computer Program and Groundwater Migration Models (NUREG/CR-1005, Volume 2)

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Date Published: September 1979

Prepared by:
V. C. Rogers, R. D. Baird, B. C. Robertson, P. J. Macbeth

Ford, Bacon & Davis Utah Inc.
375 Chipeta Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Prepared for:
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington DC 20555-0001
NRC Job Code W6521

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as part of its development of regulations for the disposal of radioactive waste, has contracted for the development of a radioactive classification system. A five category system, based on requirements for safe disposal, has been proposed. A Computer program which calculates the "Disposal Concentration Guides" for individual isotopes. for each category was prepared. The program allows parameters for the isotopes and condition of the disposal to be varied. A description of the equations representing the potential exposure mechanisms is also provided.

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