Manual of Respiratory Protection Against Airborne Radioactive Material (NUREG/CR-0041, Revision 1)

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Publication Information

Manuscript Completed: December 2000
Date Published: January 2001

Prepared by:
K. Paul Steinmeyer

Radiation Safety Associates, Inc.
19 Pendleton Drive,
P.O. Box 107
Hebron, CT 06248

NRC Technical Monitors:
A.K. Roecklein
S. Sherbini
J.E. Wigginton

Prepared for:
Division of Regulatory Improvement Programs
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

NRC Job Code J2660

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This Manual provides information to assist respirator users and program staff in establishing a respiratory protection program that is in compliance with NRC regulations. It may also be of use to managers, supervisors, engineers and workers who may need to understand respirators, their uses, and their limitations. Chapter 1 provides a brief history of respirator regulations and discusses the applicability of OSHA's respiratory protection rules at an NRC-licensed facility. Chapter 2 covers evaluations to determine whether or not the use of respirators results in doses that are as low as reasonably achievable, and factoring hazards other than radiological hazards into decision making. Chapter 3 addresses respiratory protection procedures and programs, while Chapter 4 gives extensive information on respirators and related equipment including care, use and storage of this equipment. Chapter 5 offers advice on user-related issues such as medical evaluation, training and fit testing. Finally, Chapter 6 supplies information about personnel safety issues that may be related to respiratory protection, and addresses both radiological and non-radiological topics. A list of references and resources is included at the end of each chapter, which also provides e-mail addresses for various sources of information.

Appendices describe the human respiratory system, particle collection mechanisms, a method for calculating effective protection factors for supplied-air respirators in a tritium environment, forms for medical screening and for reporting medical status, and a copy of the "Rainbow Passage" for use during fit testing.

Front matter includes a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a list of NRC circulars, bulletins and notices related to respiratory protection, and a list of outdated NRC guidance documents on this topic.

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