International Collaborative Project to Evaluate Fire Models for Nuclear Power Plant Applications: Summary of Planning Meeting (NUREG/CP-0170)

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Manuscript Completed: March 2000
Date Published:
April 2000

Proceedings prepared by:
M. Dey

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC) convened a planning meeting with international experts and practitioners of fire models to discuss a potential international collaborative project to evaluate fire models for nuclear power plant applications. The meeting was jointly organized with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and the University of Maryland and was held at the University of Maryland on October 25 - 26, 1999. Thirty representatives from eight national organizations in the United States and six international organizations from five countries attended the planning meeting. The attendees represented organizations in the nuclear industry and built environment in several countries that are involved in the development and use of fire models.

All organizations represented responded positively to NRC's invitation for a collaborative effort. Representatives indicated they intended to participate and contribute to the project with the goal of obtaining results of mutual benefit to their respective organizations. Participants plan to contribute through a variety of means. The core of the work will be conducted by six nuclear organizations in France, Germany, Finland, and the United States. The initial effort will consist of analyzing a specific issue, safe separation distance between redundant trains in nuclear power plants, to evaluate how current state-of-the-art fire models can be used to support decision making regarding this issue in nuclear power plants. A guidance/reference document oriented toward "low end" users on the use of current fire models will be the initial product of the project. After several issues are evaluated and the current state of the art of fire models better defined, a second phase of the project could be initiated to improve fire modeling and tools in order to support their extended use for fire safety design and decision making in nuclear power plants.

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