Proceedingsof the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionSixteenth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting: Held at National Institute of Standards and Technology,Gaithersburg, Maryland, October 24–27, 1988 (NUREG/CP-0097)

File Title
Volume 1 Plenary Session, Decontamination and Decommissioning, License Renewal, Human Factors, Generic Issues, Risk Analysis/PRA Applications, Innovative Concepts for Increased Safety of Advanced Power Reactors
Volume 2 Industry Safety Research, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Materials Engineering (Pressure Vessel Research, Radiation Effects, Degraded Piping)
Volume 3 Nuclear Plant Aging, Structural and Seismic Engineering, Mechanical Research, Environmental Effects in Primary Systems
Volume 4 Code Uncertainty for ECCS Rule, International Code Assessment Program, Thermal Hydraulics, 2D/3D Data Applications
Volume 5 NUREG-1150, Accident Management, Recent Advances in Severe Accident Research, TMI-2, BWR Mark I Shell Failure

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