NRC Approves License Termination Plan for Trojan Nuclear Power Plant

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No. 01-017   February 20, 2001

NRC Approves License Termination Plan for Trojan Nuclear Power Plant

In August 1999, Portland General Electric filed its proposed license termination plan for the site with NRC. In December 1999, NRC issued a proposed determination that there were no significant hazards to be considered with regard to the license termination plan. A public meeting was subsequently held in St. Helens, Oregon, at which officials of the company presented the details of the plan and NRC officials presented a discussion of applicable regulations and inspection policy. Interested citizens asked questions and provided comments on the license termination plan. The public was also given an opportunity to request a hearing or file a petition for leave to intervene. No such requests were made.

The Trojan Nuclear Plant began commercial operation in 1976 and was shut down permanently in January of 1993. The plant currently is being dismantled and decontaminated.

The reactor vessel, which represented almost all of the remaining radioactive material, excluding the spent fuel, was removed from the site in 1999. The company has received a license from NRC to store spent fuel safely in a dry cask storage facility above ground at the site until a permanent waste repository is available. The company will still be responsible for monitoring the safe storage of the spent fuel while it remains on site after its removal from the spent fuel pool, even after the reactor license has been terminated.

Copies of the amendment approving the license termination plan and related documents are available for review at the NRC Public Document Room, 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, telephone: 301/415-4737, or electronically through the Public Electronic Reading Room link at the NRC web site. The documents will also be accessible through ADAMS, the Agencywide Documents Access and Management System.

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