Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Interim Staff Guidance

NOTE: The Interim Staff Guidance (ISG) for Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation has been incorporated into their respective Standard Review Plans (NUREG-2215 and NUREG-2216), as part of NRC consolidation and efficiency initiatives. Click on the hyperlinks below to be redirected to these documents.
Standard Review Plan for Spent Fuel Dry Storage Systems and Facilities Final Report (NUREG-2215)
Standard Review Plan for Transportation Packages for Spent Fuel and Radioactive Material: Final Report (NUREG-2216)

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For legacy ISGs for Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation, expand the section below:
Interim Staff Guidance (ISG) Topic
SFST-ISG-1, Revision 2 Damaged Fuel
SFST-ISG-2, Revision 2 Fuel Retrievability
SFST-ISG-3 Post Accident Recovery and Compliance with 10 CFR 72.122(l)
SFST-ISG-4, Revision 1 Cask Closure Weld Inspections
SFST-ISG-5, Revision 1 Confinement Evaluation
SFST-ISG-6 Establishing Minimum Initial Enrichment for the Bounding Design Basis Fuel Assembly(s)
SFST-ISG-7 Potential Generic Issue Concerning Cask Heat Transfer in a Transportation Accident
SFST-ISG-8, Revision 3 Burnup Credit in the Criticality Safety Analyses of PWR Spent Fuel in Transport and Storage Casks
SFST-ISG-9, Revision 1 Storage of Components Associated with Fuel Assemblies
SFST-ISG-10, Revision 1 Alternatives to the ASME Code
SFST-ISG-11, Revision 3 Cladding Considerations for the Transportation and Storage of Spent Fuel
SFST-ISG-12, Revision 1 Buckling of Irradiated Fuel Under Bottom End Drop Conditions
SFST-ISG-13 Real Individual
SFST-ISG-14 Supplemental Shielding
SFST-ISG-15 Materials Evaluation
SFST-ISG-16 Emergency Planning
SFST-ISG-17 Interim Storage of Greater Than Class C Waste
SFST-ISG-18, Revision 1 The Design and Testing of Lid Welds on Austenitic Stainless Steel Canisters as the Confinement Boundary for Spent Fuel Storage
SFST-ISG-19 Moderator Exclusion Under Hypothetical Accident Conditions and Demonstrating Subcriticality of Spent Fuel Under the Requirements of 10 CFR 71.55(e)
SFST-ISG-20 Transportation Package Design Changes Authorized Under 10 CFR Part 71 Without Prior NRC Approval
SFST-ISG-21 Use of Computational Modeling Software
SFST-ISG-22 Potential Rod Splitting Due to Exposure to an Oxidizing Atmosphere During Short-Term Cask Loading Operations in LWR or Other Uranium Oxide Based Fuel
SFST-ISG-23 Application of ASTM Standard Practice C1671-07 when performing technical reviews of spent fuel storage and transportation packaging licensing actions
SFST-ISG-24 The Use of a Demonstration Program as a Surveillance Tool for Confirmation of Integrity for Continued Storage of High Burnup Fuel Beyond 20 Years
SFST-ISG-25, Revision 0 Pressure Test and Helium Leakage Test of the Confinement Boundary for Spent Fuel Storage Canister
SFST-ISG-26A, Revision 0 Draft – Shielding and Radiation Protection Review Effort and Licensing Parameters for 10 CFR Part 72 Applications (CANCELLED)

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