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Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Interim Staff Guidance

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Interim Staff Guidance (ISG) Topic
SFST-ISG-1, Revision 2 Damaged Fuel
SFST-ISG-2, Revision 2 Fuel Retrievability
SFST-ISG-3 Post Accident Recovery and Compliance with 10 CFR 72.122(l)
SFST-ISG-4, Revision 1 Cask Closure Weld Inspections
SFST-ISG-5, Revision 1 Confinement Evaluation
SFST-ISG-6 Establishing Minimum Initial Enrichment for the Bounding Design Basis Fuel Assembly(s)
SFST-ISG-7 Potential Generic Issue Concerning Cask Heat Transfer in a Transportation Accident
SFST-ISG-8, Revision 3 Burnup Credit in the Criticality Safety Analyses of PWR Spent Fuel in Transport and Storage Casks
SFST-ISG-9, Revision 1 Storage of Components Associated with Fuel Assemblies
SFST-ISG-10, Revision 1 Alternatives to the ASME Code
SFST-ISG-11, Revision 3 Cladding Considerations for the Transportation and Storage of Spent Fuel
SFST-ISG-12, Revision 1 Buckling of Irradiated Fuel Under Bottom End Drop Conditions
SFST-ISG-13 Real Individual
SFST-ISG-14 Supplemental Shielding
SFST-ISG-15 Materials Evaluation
SFST-ISG-16 Emergency Planning
SFST-ISG-17 Interim Storage of Greater Than Class C Waste
SFST-ISG-18, Revision 1 The Design and Testing of Lid Welds on Austenitic Stainless Steel Canisters as the Confinement Boundary for Spent Fuel Storage
SFST-ISG-19 Moderator Exclusion Under Hypothetical Accident Conditions and Demonstrating Subcriticality of Spent Fuel Under the Requirements of 10 CFR 71.55(e)
SFST-ISG-20 Transportation Package Design Changes Authorized Under 10 CFR Part 71 Without Prior NRC Approval
SFST-ISG-21 Use of Computational Modeling Software
SFST-ISG-22 Potential Rod Splitting Due to Exposure to an Oxidizing Atmosphere During Short-Term Cask Loading Operations in LWR or Other Uranium Oxide Based Fuel
SFST-ISG-23 Application of ASTM Standard Practice C1671-07 when performing technical reviews of spent fuel storage and transportation packaging licensing actions
SFST-ISG-24 The Use of a Demonstration Program as a Surveillance Tool for Confirmation of Integrity for Continued Storage of High Burnup Fuel Beyond 20 Years
SFST-ISG-25, Revision 0 Pressure Test and Helium Leakage Test of the Confinement Boundary for Spent Fuel Storage Canister
SFST-ISG-26A, Revision 0 Draft – Shielding and Radiation Protection Review Effort and Licensing Parameters for 10 CFR Part 72 Applications (CANCELLED)
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