Change Notice 05-023

Issue Date: 08/22/05

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1. IMC 0102 03/06/02 IMC 0102 08/22/05
2. --------- --------- IMC 0320 08/22/05
3. IMC 0609, App I 03/27/02 IMC 0609, App I 08/22/05
4. IMC 1202 01/17/02 IMC 1202 08/22/05
5. IMC 2602 06/04/97 IMC 2602 08/22/05
6. IP 87121 12/31/02 IP 87121 08/22/05


IMC 0102 (Oversight and Objectivity of Inspectors and Examiners at Reactor Facilities) has been revised to incorporate best practices regarding roles and responsibilities for senior regional management site visits and also to emphasize that inspectors are not to track or trend minor findings.

IMC 0320 (Operating Reactor Security Oversight Process) has been issued to describes the oversight process to be used for the security cornerstone (previously called the physical protection cornerstone) of the Reactor Oversight Process. This cornerstone’s oversight has been separated from the other cornerstones in response to direction from the Commission in a March 29, 2004, staff requirements memorandum.

IMC 0609 App I (Operator Requalification Human Performance Significance Determination Process [SDP]) has been revised to match current revisions to IP71111.11 (Operator Requalification) and to fix several flaws that have been identified and will enhance the flowchart and matrix.

IMC 1202 (Senior Resident Inspector Site Turnover) has been revised to improve clarity and make requirements more specific.

IMC 2602 (Decommissioning Oversight and Inspection Program for Fuel Cycle Facilities and Materials Licensees) has been revised to reflect current program guidance for the decommissioning of fuel cycle facilities.

IP 87121 (Industrial Radiography Programs) has been revised to reflect that the previous practice of registering associated equipment under 10 CFR 32.210 was not required and the NRC has discontinued that practice. This revision refers inspectors to Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-10, "Performance-Based Approach for Associated Equipment in 10 CFR 34.20," (June 10, 2005) for additional information about acceptable methods to demonstrate that associated equipment complies with 10 CFR 34.20.



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