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Change Notice 05-019

Issue Date: 07/14/05

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1. IMC 1302 12/31/97 IMC 1302 07/14/05
2. IMC 2690 12/03/01 IMC 2690 07/14/05
3. TI 2800/037 05/05/05 TI 2800/037 07/14/05


IMC 1302 (Follow-up Actions and Action Levels for Radiation Exposures Associated with Materials Incidents Involving Members of the Public) has been revised as part of a routine schedule and to update the information contained within the document. Note the former title of the document was, "Action Levels for Radiation Exposures and Contamination Associated with Materials Events Involving Members of the Public.

IMC 2690 (Inspection Program for Dry Storage of Spent Fuel at Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations and for Part 71 Transportation Packagings) has been revised to meet SFPO FY 2005 Operating Plan to eliminate the need for IIPs for general licensed ISFSIs and Appendix A & B inspection periodicity tables.

TI 2800/037 Rev 1 (Safety Procedures For Panoramic Irradiators) has been revised to provide additional direction to inspectors responsible for implementing the focus elements of NRC Inspection Manual Inspection Procedure 87122, "Irradiator Programs", during the next cycle of inspections of panoramic irradiators. In addition, the Point of Contact for this Temporary Instruction and Reporting Requirements have been changed.



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