Change Notice 05-018

Issue Date: 07/07/05

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1. -------- -------- IP 50003 07/07/05
2. IP 71111.05AQ 09/10/04 IP 71111.05AQ 07/07/05
3. IP 71111.17 01/17/02 IP 71111.17 07/07/05
4. IMC 1601 06/24/03 IMC 1601 07/07/05
5. IMC 2515 Appc C 01/27/05 IMC 2515 Appc C 07/07/05


IP 50003 (Pressurizer Replacement Inspection) has been issued to provide inspection guidance to monitor licensees’ activities related to a pressurizer replacement project.

IP 71111.05AQ (Fire Protection Annual/Quarterly) has been revised to incorporate additional guidance for resident inspectors to assess licensee fire brigade capability. The additional guidance for the evaluation of fire brigade performance was added to Section 02.02 of the document.

IP 71111.17 (Permanent Plant Modifications) has been revised to clarify inconsistencies between the Level of Effort Section and the table in Section 02.01 for the annual review regarding sample size.

IMC 1601 (Communication and Coordination Protocol for Determining the Status of Offsite Emergency Preparedness Following a Natural Disaster, Malevolent Act, or Extended Plant Shutdown) has been revised to improve internal and external communication and coordination when determining the status of offsite emergency preparedness in support of plant restart. This manual chapter’s scope has been expanded to not only include natural disasters, but also malevolent acts or extended plant shutdowns. It also includes a new Appendix A checklist for tracking completion of manual chapter activities. IMC 1601 is also being revised to reflect the organizational change of emergency preparedness staff from NRR to NSIR.

IMC 2515 App C (Special and Infrequently Performed Inspections) has been revised to add IP 50003, "Pressurizer Replacement Inspections." This procedure is to be implemented to monitor licensees’ safety-related activities related to the removal and replacement of a pressurizer at operating reactor facilities.



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