Change Notice 05-015

Issue Date: 06/06/05

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1. IP 71111.07 01/17/02 IP 71111.07 06/06/05
2. IP 71111.23 01/17/02 IP 71111.23 06/06/05
3. IP 71150 03/06/01 IP 71150 06/06/05
4. IMC 0350 12/31/03 IMC 0350 06/06/05
5. 9900, Mech Ice Condenser -------- 9900, Mech Ice Condenser 06/06/05


IP 71111.07 (Heat Sink Performance) has been revised to clarify inspection requirements and guidance for annual review and to add inspection guidance for determining the structural integrity of heat exchangers. In addition, minor changes have been made to the Cornerstones, Level of Effort, Inspection Completion, and References Sections of the inspection procedure.

IP 71111.23 (Temporary Plant Modifications) has been revised to incorporate guidance regarding restoration of temporary plant modifications.

IP 71150 (Discrepant or Unreported Performance Indicator Data) has been revised to add additional clarity for entry and exit conditions to use this procedure, as well as additional guidance to regions on determining when a PI is discrepant.

IMC 0350 (Oversight of Reactor Facilities in a Shutdown Condition Due to Significant Performance and/or Operational Concerns) has been revised to change the title to reflect the revised entry condition of a significant operational event in accordance with a Davis-Besse Lessons Learned Task Force recommendation [item 3.3.4(4)]. The position title of "Deputy Executive Director for Reactor and Preparedness Programs" was also modified throughout to reflect the current NRC organization.

Part 9900: Tech Guidance (Ice Condenser System Inspections) has been issued to provide guidance to inspectors for reviewing the ice condenser system



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