Change Notice 05-009

Issue Date: 03/30/05

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1. IP 92703 11/08/01 IP 92703 03/30/05
2. IP 92709 08/21/92 IP 92709 03/30/05
3. IP 92711 08/21/92 IP 92711 03/30/05
4. IMC 2515 02/02/04 IMC 2515 03/30/05
5. ----- ----- TI 2515/161 03/30/05


IP 92703 (Followup of Confirmatory Action Letters) has been revised to reflect current practices.

IP 92709 (Licensee Strike Contingency Plans) has been revised to improve the review of various areas not specified in the procedure and to establish communication links previously not specified.

IP 92711 (Continued Implementation of Strike Plans During an Extended Strike) has been revised to verify that the licensee’s transition to replace licensed operators and other workers is conducted safely.

IMC 2515 (Light Water Inspection Program - Operations Phase) has been revised to reflect the inspection program policy regarding baseline inspection credit for Operational Safety Review Team Effort as described in a memorandum addressed to the Commission dated July 16, 2003.

TI 2515/161 (Transportation of Reactor Control Rod Drives in Type A Packages) has been issued to obtain site specific data to determine if: (1) the licensee has/had undergone refueling/defueling activities during CY 2002 to present, and; (2) the licensee packaged and transported irradiated Control Rod Drive mechanisms in DOT Specification 7A Type A packages.



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