Change Notice 05-002

Issue Date: 01/26/05

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1. IP 60857 03/09/01 IP 60857 01/26/05
2. IMC 1246, App A-VI 01/05/01 IMC 1246, App A-VI 01/26/05
3. IMC 2630 12/30/96 ------- 01/26/05
4. TI 2600/010 07/02/03 ------- 01/26/05
5. TI 2800/026 Rev 2 07/12/00 ------- 01/26/05

TRAINING: IMC 1246, App A-VI - additional training courses for certification were added to become a spent fuel project office inspector.

IP 60857 (Review of 10 CFR 72.48 Evaluations) has been significantly revised to reflect changes in the inspection process.

IMC 1246, App A-VI (NMSS Spent Fuel Project Office Qualification Journal) has been significantly revised in order to create a formal training program for inspectors in the Spent Fuel Project Office.

IMC 2630 (Gaseous Diffusion Plant Operational Safety and Safeguards Inspection Program) has been deleted and incorporated into Manual Chapter 2600.

TI 2600/010 (1-inch UF6 Cylinder Valve Testing) has been deleted and is no longer in effect.

TI 2800/026 Rev 2 (Follow-up Inspection of Formerly Licensed Sites Identified As Potentially Contaminated) has been deleted and is no longer in effect.



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