Change Notice 04-027

Issue Date: 12/01/04

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1. IMC 0608 04/16/02 IMC 0608 12/01/04
2. IMC 0609, App A 09/10/04 IMC 0609, App A 12/01/04
3. IMC 1240 09/18/81 IMC 1240 12/01/04
4. IP 71111.05 03/06/03 IP 71111.05T 12/01/04
5. ----- ----- 10 CFR Guidance 12/01/04


IMC 0609, App A - current read and sign training will be revised to reflect changes.

IP 71111.05T - training workshop was conducted for all fire protection team leads and inspectors.

10 CFR Guidance - classroom training was completed in October 2004 (NRC Course H-501).


IMC 0608 (Performance Indicator Program) has been revised to delete information related to the physical protection cornerstone to ensure that potentially useful information is not provided to a possible adversary.

IMC 0609, App A (Determining the Significance of Reactor Inspection Findings for At-Power Situations) has been revised to correct two errors on the Phase 1 Screening Worksheet. On page 4 of 5 of the worksheet the first question under the Mitigation Systems Cornerstone, inspectors were incorrectly directed to screen issues to Green if the issue was not associated with a design or qualification deficiency. Also on page 4 under the Containment Barriers Cornerstone, guidance was missing to screen issues to Green under Question number 3. An additional change was made in this revision to include a signature line and date for the individual who completed the Phase 1 Screening Worksheet.

IMC 1240 (Unescorted Access At Power Reactors) has been revised to focus on only unescorted access (not escorted access) to protected and vital areas of nuclear power plants. The revised IMC identifies requirements that NRC and contractor inspectors must meet for unescorted access, and the legal bases for the requirements.

IP 71111.05T (Fire Protection [Triennial]) has been revised since the fire protection inspection procedure previously included the triennial, annual and quarterly inspection guidance. This IP includes only the triennial inspection guidance. In order to improve the process, the annual/quarterly inspection guidance was separated from the triennial and was issued in CN 04-023. This revised triennial fire protection inspection procedure includes inspection guidance for identifying circuits that could prevent the plant from achieving and maintaining hot shutdown condition after a fire. Inspection of these circuits was suspended in 2000, pending the conduct of fire tests and the assessment of the results in order to gain risk insights into the phenomena of fire-induced electrical cable failures. The inspection guidance is designed to help the inspectors identify categories of circuit configurations most likely to be impacted by fire potentially affecting the capability of the operators to bring the plant to a safe shutdown condition.

10 CFR Guidance: 10CFR71 and 49 CFR171-178 (Transportation of Radioactive Material) has been revised to provides a summary of the changes to the transportation regulations in 10 CFR Part 71 and 49 CFR Parts 171 - 178 as a result of adoption of recent final rules that are effective October 1, 2004.



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