Change Notice 04-023

Issue Date: 09/10/04

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1. IMC 0609, App A 03/18/02 IMC 0609, App A 09/10/04
2. ---------- ---------- IMC 0308 Att 3 09/10/04
3. ---------- ---------- IP 71111.05AQ 09/10/04


IMC 0609 App A - requires a "read and sign" training for all inspectors.


IMC 0609 App A (Determining the Significance of Reactor Inspection Findings for At-Power Situations) has been revised for the following: The appendix was re-formatted to separate multiple action steps. The actions did not change. The Phase 1 Screening Worksheet was also reformatted for clarity and more examples were provided under each cornerstone. Additional guidance was added highlighted by: (1) screening guidance for RCS integrity issues, (2) reference to new IMC 609, Appendix J for SGTR issues, (3) clarification regarding reduction in primary containment barrier functions, including hydrogen control, (4) deletion of negative language in issues related to design deficiencies, (5) old Table 4 was deleted because it is no longer used, (6) guidance added to emphasize the use of "best available information" during the SDP process, (7) SRAs to review all completed Phase 2 SDPs, (8) redefinition of screening criteria for Initiating Events and RCS Barrier cornerstones. Lastly, the web page reference information for location of the risk-informed inspection notebooks was added.

IMC 0308 Att 3 (Significance Determination Process Basis Document) has been issued to describe the basis for the overall SDP. Individual SDP basis information is presented as appendices of IMC 0308 Attachment 3.

IP 71111.05AQ (Fire Protection (Annual / Quarterly)) has been issued to separate the Triennial Fire Protection Inspection Procedure (71111.05T) from the Quarterly and Annual Inspection Procedure (71111.05QA). There are no substantial changes to the Quarterly and Annual inspection procedure.



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