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Issue Date: 07/29/04

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1. ---------- ---------- TI 2515/159 07/29/04
2. ---------- ---------- TI 2600/003 01/27/99
3. ---------- ---------- TI 2800/035 07/29/04

TRAINING: Only for TI 2800/035 - presentation at regional offices to familiarize inspectors with NMMSS, the Bulletin and the TI for accessing licensee responses to the Bulletin.

TI 2515/159 (Review of Generic Letter 89-13: Service Water System Problems Affecting Safety-Related Equipment) is issued to address Davis-Besse Reactor Vessel Head Degradation Lessons-Learned Task Force Recommendation 3.1.2(5) for follow-on verification of licensee actions associated with significant generic communications.

TI 2600/003 (Operational Safety Review) is being restored to active status.

TI 2800/035 (Verification of Licensee Responses to NRC Bulletin 2003-04 Regarding Inventories of Source and Special Nuclear Materials Tracked in the Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System) is issued to physically confirm that the inventories of foreign-obligated source material and/or special nuclear material possessed by selected Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Agreement State licensees were appropriately reported and documented in the Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System (NMMSS) in accordance with NRC Bulletin No. 2003-04, "Rebaselining of Data in the Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System."



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