Change Notice 04-013

Issue Date: 05/11/04

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1. IMC 2515, App D 09/09/03 IMC 2515, App D 05/11/04
2. IP 71111.08 09/09/04 IP 71111.08 05/11/04
3. IP 71111.22 01/17/04 IP 71111.22 05/11/04

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 2515, App D (Plant Status) has been revised to provide guidance to ensure that the licensee properly monitors for RCS pressure boundary leakage or potential unidentified leakage exceeding technical specifications limit. Additional guidance was provided to monitor licensee�s actions when the licensee is operating with multiple or repetitive, or unplanned TS action statement entries and to review licensee�s corrective action entry summary reports.

IP 71111.08 (Inservice Inspection Activities) has been revised to add periodic inspection requirements and guidance for PWR vessel head penetrations and boric acid corrosion control, and to make other minor clarifications. In addition, the resource estimate for PWR inspection has been increased.

IP 71111.22 (Surveillance Testing) has been revised to include RCS leak detection system surveillance as part of the surveillance testing samples. Revision also includes surveillance testing attributes for reviewing annunciator/alarm setpoints and alarm response procedure actions.



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