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Change Notice 04-005

Issue Date: 02/12/04

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1. ---- ---- TI 2800/034 02/12/04

TRAINING: Inspectors using this TI are required to take the NRC Security Systems and Principles training course for materials security inspections.
REMARKS: TI 2800/034 (Inspection of Panoramic and Underwater Irradiators Additional Security Measures) is issued to verify that panoramic and underwater irradiator licensees who possess greater than 10,000 curies of radioactive material are effectively implementing the additional security measures promulgated by the Commission Order issued June 6, 2003.

DISTRIBUTION: This TI has been classified as a Safeguards document. For copies of this TI, please contact Ralph Costello, 301-415-6821, email RHC@nrc.gov.


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