Change Notice 03-041

Issue Date: 12/16/03



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1. IMC 0609, App C 06/24/03 IMC 0609, App C 12/16/03
2. IMC 1120 12/27/94 IMC 1120 12/16/03
3. IP 71111.11 08/20/02 IP 71111.11 12/16/03
4. IP 71151 04/16/02 IP 71151 12/16/03
5. IP 83723 04/17/00 IP 83723 12/16/03


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 0609, Appendix C (Occupational Radiation Safety - SDP) has been revised to expand the guidance for applying the SDP to Occupational Radiation Protection inspection issues. Specifically, the Appendix C text has been revised to clarify what is meant by the question of whether the licensee�s ability to assess dose was compromised by an identified program deficiency. The term "programmatic" which caused confusion during a recent SERP, was replaced by additional text to clarify the concept. Also, additional quantitative examples of deficiencies that could have compromised the licensee�s ability, are provided.

IMC 1120 (Preliminary Notifications) has been revised to reflect current usage of the WordPerfect software, and current NRC organizations.

IP 71111.11 (Licensed Operator Requalification Program) has been revised to include an additional section that inspects excessive test item repetition among comprehensive requalification exams that are taken by crews undergoing the same training program cycle. Excessive item repetition adversely affects validity of the exam.

IP 71151 (Performance Indicator Verification) has been revised to clarify that each performance indicator for all units will be verified once a year. Other minor typographical and administrative changes are included.

IP 83723 (General Employee, Radiation Safety, Plant Chemistry, Radwaste, and Transportation Training) has been revised based on experience gained while using the supplemental inspection procedure during the Davis Besse restart inspection. New and expanded guidance and references have been added, and inspection requirements were clarified. The estimated inspection hours were also increased based on field experience gained in Region III.



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