Change Notice 03-037

Issue Date: 11/25/03

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1. IMC 2800 12/01/00 IMC 2800 11/25/03
2. TI 2800/033, Rev. 2 12/31/02 ---- ----
3. IP 87123 12/31/02 IP 87123 11/25/03
4. IP 87124 12/31/02 IP 87124 11/25/03

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 2800 (Materials Inspection Program) has been revised and tested during the pilot period for Temporary Instruction 2800/033 (April 2002 through October 2003). The temporary instruction is being deleted and the December 2002 version of IMC 2800 is being replaced by the October 2003 version of IMC 2800. The revised IMC 2800 contains the changes from the temporary instruction along with additional changes for: (1) responsibilities and authorities, (2) inspection of master materials licensees, (3) HRMS program code numbers and generic TAC nos., (4) inspection of 10 CFR 35.1000 new medical therapy modalities within 12 months of the issuance of a new license or amendment of an existing license, (5) dealing with proprietary information, (6) exit meeting for a reactive inspection, (7) expanding an inspection to include general license devices, (8) NRC Form 591X was re-designated as NRC Form 591M, (9) adding inspection documents to ADAMS meets the requirement for forwarding documents to the NMED contractor and NMSS program manger, (10) inspection priority codes for medical therapy types of use and well logging were revised from 5 to 3, (11) inspection priority code for program code 03310 – permanent radiographic installation – only was revised from 1 to 2, (12) program codes and descriptions were revised for medical programs, (13) a new program code 03226 was established as priority code 2 for commercial servicing of sources greater than 100 curies, e.g., teletherapy and GSR units and irradiator units.TI 2800/033, Revision 2 (Revised Materials Inspection Program) is deleted. Its inspection requirements have been incorporated into IMC 2800, "Materials Inspection Program."

IP 87123 (Well Logging Programs) Has been revised. Based on the Schlumberger Technology Corporation Augmented Inspection Team’s recommendation (June 3, 2003), a comporting change was made in Section 03.02 to advise inspectors to physically examine a representative sample of source handling tools to determine their condition and their ability to adequately secure a source during transfer to and from its source storage container and to examine source storage containers to ensure that they are in good condition and that design safety features function as intended.

IP 87124 (Fixed and Portable Gauge Programs) Has been revised. Based on changes in revised Inspection Manual Chapter 2800 (October 2003), a comporting change was made to add the second paragraph under Section 87124-02, Inspection Requirements. Inspectors should assess the adequacy of a licensee’s program for management and oversight of the general license material as well as material authorized under the specific license.



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