Change Notice 03-023

Issue Date: 07/07/03



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1. IP 71111.02 01/17/02 IP 71111.02 07/07/03
2. IP 71111.08 10/11/02 IP 71111.08 07/07/03
3. IP 71111.14 03/27/02 IP 71111.14 07/07/03
4. IP 93812 10/23/02 IP 93812 07/07/03


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IP 71111.02 (Evaluations of Changes, Tests, or Experiments) has revised Section 05, Completion Status to provide a range of samples selected to conform to the sample range stated in the Level of Effort section.

IP 71111.08 (Inservice Inspection Activities) has been revised to change Section 05, Completion Status, to conform with the standard wording for depicting sample size.

IP 71111.14 (Operator Performance During Nonroutine Evolutions and Events) is revised to change the title. The new title is Operator Performance During Non-Routine Evolutions and Events. The new title more clearly delineates the scope objective of the procedure. No other change was made.

IP 93812 (Special Inspection) has been revised to reflect the revision to Management Directive 8.3, ´┐ŻNRC Incident Investigation Program, and to delete the prohibition for Special Inspections to review licensee actions related to plant restart.





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