Change Notice 03-020

Issue Date: 06/2403



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1. IP 71153 04/16/02 IP 71153 06/24/03
2. IMC 0609, App. C 03/06/02 IMC 0609, App. C 06/24/03
3. IMC 1601 09/02/97 IMC 1601 06/24/03
4. IMC 1100 08/06/87 ---- ----
5. IMC 1110 04/25/78 ---- ----


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IP 71153 (Event Followup) this clarifies that the risk metric for events is Conditional Core Damage Probability (CCDP) and the metric for degraded conditions is incremental CCDP. Also this revision lists examples of events addressed by this IP in cornerstones outside of reactor safety.

IMC 609, App. C (Occupational Radiation Safety Significance Determination Process) revised to conform to the recently revised basis for the Shallow Dose Equivalent (SDE) limit in 10CFR20 and the deletion of the former Enforcement Discretion for Hot Particles.

IMC 1601 (Communication Protocol For Assessing Offsite Emergency Preparedness Following A Natural Disaster) revised to update organization titles and clarify applicability.

IMC 1100 (Notification of Significant Meetings) is deleted. Comments from the regions support this deletion as the information is not being utilized.

IMC 1110 (Potential Abnormal Occurrences) is deleted. The manual chapter has been superceded by Management Directive 8.1, "Abnormal Occurrence Reporting."



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