Change Notice 03-003

Issue Date: 2/12/03

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1. ---- ---- 02/12/03
2. IMC 2515, App C 12/09/02 IMC 2515, App C 02/12/03


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IP 71007 (Reactor Vessel Head Replacement Inspection) is issued to provide inspection guidance to verify that a licensee has adequately replaced a reactor vessel (RV) head in conformance with requirements in the facility license, the applicable codes and standards, licensing commitments, and the regulations.

This inspection procedure (IP) was sent out for regional comment in late November 2002, and comments have been received; however, resolution of received comments has not been completed. In order to accommodate RV head replacement work currently being performed the decision has been made to issue the IP in its present form, and issue a revision to it at a later date. The regions are requested to submit any additional comments obtained through application of the IP to be included in the next revision.

IMC 2515, Appendix C (Special and Infrequently Preformed Inspections) has been revised to include IP 71007, "Reactor Vessel Head Replacement Inspection."



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