Change Notice 03-001

Issue Date: 1/24/03

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1. IMC 1245, App D1 07/01/02 IMC 1245, App D1 01/24/03
2. IMC 2515 07/09/02 IMC 2515 01/24/03
3. TI 2515/145 09/20/01 ---- ----
4. TI 2515/146 04/18/02 ---- ----
5. TI 2515/150 10/18/02 TI 2515/150, Rev 1 01/24/03
6. IP 71122 04/03/00 IP 71122 01/24/03
7. IP 71122.01 03/06/02 IP 71122.01 01/24/03
8. IP 71122.02 03/06/02 IP 71122.02 01/24/03
9. IP 71122.01 03/06/02 IP 71122.03 01/24/03

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 1245, Appendix D-1 (Senior Reactor Analyst Training and Qualification Program) has been revised to clarify refresher training requirements and to remove the ability to use equivalent experience to meet the regional rotation requirement.

IMC 2515 (Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program-Operations Phase) has been revised to add a section 04.07 to define baseline inspection program completion for an ROP annual inspection cycle. Section 13.02 was also added to discuss budget planning to perform IP 71003, "Post-Approval Site Inspection for License Renewal."

TI 2515/145 (Circumferential Cracking of Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Penetration Nozzles (NRC Bulletin 2001-01)) is deleted. This TI has been replaced by TI 2515/150, "Reactor Pressure Vessel Head and Vessel Head Penetration Nozzles (NRC Bulletin 2002-02)."

TI 2515/146 (Hydrogen Storage Locations) is deleted. The inspection requirements of this TI have been completed.

TI 2515/150 (Reactor Pressure Vessel Head and Vessel Head Penetration Nozzles (NRC Bulletin 2002-02)) has been revised to require visual, liquid-dye penetrant and ultrasonic tests to improve capture of any degradation being experienced at the RV head and vessel penetrations..

IP 71122 (Public Radiation Safety)

IP 71122.01 (Radioactive Gaseous and Liquid Effluent Treatment and Monitoring Systems)

IP 71122.02 (Radioactive Material Processing and Transportation)

IP 71122.03 (Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP) and Radioactive Material Control Program)

The above procedures have been revised to add a section "Completion Status," that defines the minimum sample size that constitutes completion of the procedure.



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