Change Notice 02-025

Issue Date: 07/01/02


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 1245, App D1 04/05/02 IMC 1245, App D1 07/01/02
2. IP 71111.12 04/03/00 71111.12 07/01/02


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

REMARKS: IMC 1245, Appendix D1 (Senior Reactor Analyst Training and Qualification Program) is issued for immediate implementation. Previous qualification requirements have been translated into the revised IMC 1245 format (e.g., study guides and OJT) with only minor content revision. Recommendations for substantive changes are still being evaluated.

IP 71111.12 (Maintenance Effectiveness) has been revised to clarify inspection objectives and to improve effectiveness of this procedure based on feedback and lessons learned from implementation. This revision provides greater focus on reviewing licensee's effectiveness at performing routine maintenance. The revised procedure also focuses on review of equipment performance issues associated with availability and reliability, preferably on high-risk significant systems, maintenance work practices, and common cause issues. Sample size and inspection resource requirements were revised based on experience gained from four verification and validation visits at one site in each region.




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